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Mood FormulaMood formula nutrition facts.
  • Mood Formula
  • Mood formula nutrition facts.

Mood Formula 90 caps


Supports a healthy stress response while promoting a sense of calm.

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Supports symptoms of major and minor stress, anxiousness, and nervousness.

When we are stressed our bodies become depleted of valuable minerals which can make us feel frazzled. This leads to anger and irritability and affects those around us. Nourishing the central and peripheral nervous systems, Dave’s Mood formula replenishes nerves depleted by stress or over activity of the mind. When we feel less stressed we can feel more calm and confident.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bitter Orange

    Has been used for digestive support, easing gas and bloating. It is also bitter which supports healthy liver function. Bitter orange supports nerve health, and helps promote healthy mucus production.

  • Hops

    Have traditionally been used to promote normal nerve function. Its bitterness supports healthy liver function calming the stomach. Its constituents help to support healthy yeast levels. It has been used to support a healthy stress response, healthy urinary tract function and hormone balance.

  • Melissa (Lemon Balm)

    Aids in nervous system function and has been used as a relaxant and cardiovascular tonic as well as promoting restful sleep. It assists in normal muscle function and a healthy digestive tract. Melissa helps to support a healthy stress response and promote more comfortable menstruation.

  • Mistletoe

    Supports a healthy cardiovascular system and nervous system.

  • Peppermint

    This can support a healthy and comfortable digestive process and promote normal stomach acid function. It acts to support the nervous system and healthy liver function, promoting regular bowel movements.

  • Valerian

    Herbal support for the nervous system. Valerian naturally contains the amino acid responsible for supporting a sensation of calm and healthy sleep. It alleviates nervous tension. It can also support healthy heart rate and can support healthy digestion.

Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

Additional information


Lemon Balm (aerial parts), Hops (strobili), American Mistletoe (aerial parts), Bitter Orange (fruit),
Peppermint (leaf), Valerian (root).

Other Ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.


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