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About Us

For over 25 years in our stores at Daves Health & Nutrition we still provide great customer service in helping you to better health.


Believe it or not, Dave was thinking of you! It all began with one man determined to make a difference in people’s lives. After working for several health food stores, Dave Card decided to launch his own business in 1995. He wanted to help people help themselves to better health in a simple, low-cost way. Along with his wife Teresa, he used a second mortgage along with six $5,000 credit cards to open their first health food store. Together they worked long days building a customer base. Long story short, they succeeded!


Helping people at Daves Health, one on one, with their health is our greatest success. We do this, first, through great customer service, having a knowledgeable and passionate staff. Next, having an appointment with Dave is a great way to help you focus on your health issues with the most needed supplements. Last, but not least, we bring you high quality products at an affordable price

Our Values

Customer Service

Our well-trained and knowledgeable team members provide personal service and attention to everyone. in our stores at Dave’s Health we operate under three principles — passion, education, and service. From master herbalists to aromatherapy specialists, there will be the right person to assist you in finding the right supplements for you and your family.

Personal Health Education

Education is the first step to enhancing your health. We understand that true healing begins within. So for these reasons we hope to provide the right information about holistic health to you. Our staff has regular education and training sessions to better understand the supplements and crystals at the store. We also have an excellent selection of some of the best books about natural healing.

Quality Products

We hand-select our nutritional supplements based on quality, safety, and effectiveness. Above all, many of these products we have recommended for years and know how well they work for our customers. Close to 20,000 products are on our shelves; we will help you find the right one that meets your needs. We ship all over the country, see the herbal formulas  we carry and order online today.
Dave's Health & Nutrition
Dave's Health and Nutrition is a locally owned supplement & crystal market focused on promoting health, healing and holistic living through education, empowerment, and high quality products