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Appointment With Dave

Appointment With Dave

Learn new ways to support your health.

Picture of David R. Card
Dave is a certified nutritionist, master herbalist, and homeopath. He uses his decades of study and experience to help guide clients to supplements and nutrition to help them in their quest for better health.

What will I learn during my appointment?

During your appointment with Dave, he will ask you questions as well as look through your health survey. Think of what is bothering you the most, and bring that into your conversation. Dave has over 30 years of experience in nutrition counseling, and will use questions to assess your needs and offer practical solutions that will bring balance. Dave has a wide knowledge about supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbs, and cell salts.

He does not diagnose or treat disease. He will never tell you to go off medications, but will offer natural solutions to help support the systems of the body. When seeking advice about medications, always work with your healthcare provider.

How do I make an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment online on this page! Each 15-minute consultation time is $25. You may book as many as you would like, but 15 minutes is usually just right for one person. You can have a private PHONE or IN-PERSON consultation. Please book one appointment per person. In person consultations are at our Salt Lake store.

Please note: if you schedule an appointment with Dave over the phone, you are responsible for calling the store at your appointment time.

Our system sends confimation emails after any appointment is booked. If you don't receive an email with the appointment date and time please call or email us. Text reminders are available but not guaranteed. You are responsible for managing your appointment schedule.

If you have any questions you can call 801-268-3000, during normal business hours. Or sent an email to

How should I prepare for my appointment?

To prepare for your IN PERSON appointment, please fill out a health survey. If you have an PHONE APPOINTMENT you DO NOT need to fill out a health survey.

Dave gleans much information from this survey. You can find a Health Survey Download here on our website to copy off at home and fill out, or come into one of our stores and pick one up. OR you can come into the store 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out a health survey.

Please check in with a team member when you come for your IN PERSON appointment. For your PHONE appointment please call 801-268-3000 at your scheduled time. Dave will not call you.
Health Survey
Encuesta de Salud

What if I can't make it to my appointment?

If you need to change your appointment time please see your confirmation email for a link to reschedule. You can schedule up to 2 hours before your appointment time.

If you need to cancel your appointment you must do so at least 24 hours before your appointment.
To be eligible for a full refund you must cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Please send an email to to request a cancellation refund. Be aware that refunds are manually issued and funds may take 10-15 days to reappear in your account.

Does Dave speak other languages?

Dave does speak English and German. Unfortuately he doesn't speak Spanish or other languages. Please bring an interpretor to your appointment if you need translation services.
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