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5 Beneficial Stones for Mental Health and Balanced Mood

May 10, 2018

Stones and crystals have long been used to promote a strong body, mental health and balanced mood; some of the most innovative civilizations in history like the Egyptians and Romans believed that crystals held great power. If you’re stuck in a bad mood, emotionally blocked, or mentally cloudy and exhausted this Mental Health Awareness Month, these five crystals may help.

Selenite is a rod-shaped crystal that’s named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. You may also have heard Selenite called Maria Glass or Desert Rose. While this crystal has many names, its power as a harmonizer is something people agree upon.

Selenite can help quiet a racing mind and may bring clarity to those struggling with cloudy or foggy thoughts. Try holding Selenite while meditating or practicing yoga. Doing so can focus and enhance your practice by allowing you to empty your mind, set clear intentions, and bring emotional balance and stability to the forefront.


Barite takes many forms and colors, but it’s most often found as a cluster of yellow, red, blue, green, brown, or black tabular crystals. Historians believe Native Americans used Barite in their religious practices to move freely between the physical and spiritual realms.

Today, this stone is used to strengthen the connection between mind and body, so you can  become more aware of emotional blockages that are holding you back and address them. Barite also helps you recognize negative thought patterns and tap into your inner voice—revealing truths that you have hidden from yourself. If you wish to increase your overall supply of “Chi,” Barite might be the stone for you.

Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite is a striking, beautiful stone that’s often compared to diamonds in appearance and healing potential. Also called Iceland Spar, this stone’s various colors are beneficial at all chakras. Said to be a powerful amplifier, Barite can often double their healing power when used with other crystals.

Whether used alone or to magnify the power of another stone, Optical Calcite can help cleanse negative energy and emotions while increasing positive vibrations. If you wish to clear stagnant energy blockages, remove fear-based emotions, and bring higher energies into your chakras, this stone might support your progress.


Discovered in Danbury, Connecticut in 1839, Danburite is usually a clear or white crystal or yellow, pink, and brown. Because this stone resembles quartz, it’s a popular stone for jewelry—allowing you to carry its energy wherever you go.

Danburite is treasured because it opens the crown chakra with a gentle, sweet energy, connecting the crown chakra to the heart chakra with pure vibration. This stone encourages self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance—joining the heart and mind together. If you’re dealing with an extremely sensitive emotion or trying to break through an old trauma, Danburite might be the gentle opener you need to heal.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a translucent crystal that’s often regarded as the “The Master Healer.” It is known to have the power to address issues at the physical, mental, emotional, or soul level and promote overall wellness and vitality.

Clear Quartz resonates most with the higher chakras and can strengthen our connection to our higher self by bringing focus to our inherent wisdom. It’s also programmable to help almost any issue and can aid in manifesting our positive desires. Looking to banish a chronic negative thought or feeling and replace it with a positive intention? You may benefit by introducing clear quartz into your life and home.

Certain stones can act as a wonderful complement to traditional therapies, helping you process difficult emotions, let go of insecurities and negative thoughts, and attract positivity to your life. If you’re considering incorporating crystals into your journey toward improved mental health, come in and talk to one of our experts! Or, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and ask us a question.

*Crystal healing and other holistic healing should not replace a counsellor, psychotherapist or other standard medicine, when it comes to your mental health. Crystals are an aid to healing and are meant to be used in conjunction with other health practices.

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