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Motherwort Single Herb 2oz.Motherwort Single Herb with tulips.Motherwort Single Herb 2oz supplement facts.
  • Motherwort Single Herb 2oz.
  • Motherwort Single Herb with tulips.
  • Motherwort Single Herb 2oz supplement facts.

Dave's Motherwort 2 fl oz


Supports a healthy heart, mood and hormone balance.

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Supports a healthy heart, mood and hormone balance.

Motherwort, also know as Leonurus cardiaca, has been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries. It was thought to help promote balance during the menstrual cycle, which is why it was commonly called "mother's herb." It was also used as a heart tonic. In the middle ages, it was believed that Motherwort's red color indicated its usefulness for blood and heart health. Because of its connection to heart health, it is also commonly used to help raise the spirits and promote a positive mood.

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Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca).

Other ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Water,
Does not contain soy, dairy, or wheat.


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