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Quality Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, and Crystals since 1995

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Crystal of the Month

Heart-shaped crystals are 30% for the month of February.
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Located in Millcreek, Dave's Health & Nutriton is a beacon of health information and natural wonders.
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Dave has formulas to help keep you healthy and in tip-top shape.

Crystals and Gems

Dave brought his love of stones, crystals and gems to his store, Dave's Health & Nutriton. We have an excellent selection and competitive prices.
We also carry locally made jewelry, with an emphasis on jewelry with gems and crystals.
Each month a particular crystal or shape is featured at an extra special sale.

Best Selling Women's Formulas

Explore the formulas sold at Dave's Health & Nutrtion that have helped thousands of women to  support healthy hormones
Dave's Health & Nutrition
Dave's Health and Nutrition is a locally owned supplement & crystal market focused on promoting health, healing and holistic living through education, empowerment, and high quality products