Dave’s Moon Phases Formula Tincture

Supports hormone health in menopausal and post-menopausal women

Dave’s Moon Phases tincture is designed with hormone balance in mind. As women age, the adrenal glands pick up production of estrogen from the ovaries. Combine that added production with stress and women’s estrogen levels can decrease, threatening the health of the pelvic floor and connective tissues. Dave’s Moon Phases tincture provides much-needed support to the adrenals in estrogen production while soothing uncomfortable menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

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Dave's Moon Phases Formula Tincture

Angelica archangelica: Used for digestive support for belching, indigestion, nausea, gas, and has been used for respiratory, immune and liver support (hormonal health). Angelica also promotes menses when deficient.

Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng): An adaptogen which supports healthy adrenal function to ease symptoms of stress and fatigue. Corticosteroids constituents support healthy immune function and physical endurance. Used in this formula it supports adrenal function for hormonal support (helps produce adequate amounts of estrogen).

Hawthorn Berries: A heart tonic herb used for cardio support. It is also mildly warming as it improves circulation. Hawthorn is also for digestive support, circulatory and connective tissue support.

Lady’s Mantle: Used to promote hormonal health; promotes progesterone which may reduce symptoms of hot flashes. It has been used as a pelvic health tonic for reducing symptoms of hemorrhoids and abnormal discharges.

Sage Leaf: Has been used for digestive health, supports estrogen production, hormone balance, and aids in decreasing symptoms of hot flashes.

Suma: An adaptogenic herb used for adrenal support (stress symptoms). In South America it is known as Brazilian ginseng. It has been used for female hormonal support and symptoms of hot flashes.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, less than 5% alcohol. Does not contain soy, dairy, or wheat.

I was suffering from hot flashes …. When I started taking Moon Phases, it started to decrease. Just bought more. I’m much happier now.
– Gail

It has helped me a lot. Thank You!
– Karen

I’m on the sixth bottle of Dave’s Moon Phases. Have more energy. Hot flashes were horrible, now much improved, and can sleep better at night. Sweating at night is really bad, but night sweats are 80% better with this formula. Now recommending it to my friends.
– Olga

At first I was sluggish, tired, had a low sex drive. After taking Moon Phases it seems I am back to normal. More energy! Love it!
– C. Marie

Before Moon Phases, the hot flashes were driving me crazy and after 2 days of Moon Phases, they stopped totally. When I ran out, the hot flashes started again after one day. Ran to Dave’s to get more. A true life saver!
– Barbara

I love Moon Phases! I have been in perimenopause for about a year now and am going crazy. Now the night sweats, sleeplessness, moodiness, and that shaky anxious feeling is gone!
– Sandy

I’ve been taking Moon Phases for years and it helped with night sweats and my mood.
– Maureen

It has helped me a lot. Thank you!
– Karen

I was having hot flashes so frequently that I was going nuts! I started taking Moon Phases and in four days the hot flashes stopped. They have never returned. Love this product!
– Shauna

I have been taking Dave’s Moon Phases for over six months now. It has reduced all of my menopausal symptoms drastically. I can tell a huge difference when I run out.
– Brenda

I used Dave’s Moon Phases for four months for my night sweats and hot flashes. It cooled me right down. I am not having any more night sweats or hot flashes. Thank you.
– Wilma

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