Dave’s Serenity NOW Formula

Supports relaxation and calmness by aiding the nervous system

Modern society finds us with little time to relax, and distress to try to focus on the things that matter most. Many of the herbs in this formula were considered sacred to their cultures because it helped them to get greater insight to their spiritual and emotional well-being. Support your nervous system with Dave’s Serenity NOW formula and find the peace and relaxation you crave.

2 oz. – $19.95
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Dave's Serenity Now Liquid

Calamus: Has a long history of use in supporting digestive health.

Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng): An adaptogen which supports healthy adrenal function to ease symptoms of stress and fatigue. Corticosteroids constituents support healthy immune function and physical endurance.

Holy Basil: Considered sacred in the Ayurvedic tradition (India) and is used to enhance spiritual awareness. It supports healthy nervous system function as well as being adaptogenic (supporting healthy adrenal function) to ease symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Passionflower: A nervine (supports healthy nervous system functions). It has been know to calm the “passions” of a nervous mind.

Rose Petals (Rosa canina): Folklore has said that the broken heart (emotional shock) can be mended by receiving a dozen red roses or even making a tea from rose petals. The smelling of certain roses can lift a heavy heart. While modern medicine has not yet caught onto the wonderful properties of rose petals, many people and cultures embrace its virtue.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, less than 5% alcohol. Does not contain soy, dairy, or wheat.

I absolutely love Serenity Now! I interact with lots of folks on the phone. With Serenity NOW I am calm. I feel the difference.
– Pam

Serenity is very calming …. Very centering. Thank you!
– Jenny

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