Dave’s Ocean Tonic Formula

A natural source of iodine and provides nutritional support from sea vegetables

Harness the power of the sea! Dave’s Ocean Tonic formula is a synergistic blend of herbs and seaweeds which are high in a vast array of vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients.

Science has found more than 93 vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants in these sea greens, and is just beginning to unlock the secrets of ocean nutrients. Folk usage in the orient includes sea greens as daily food and healthy thyroid support. Studies have shown that sea greens may improve overall nutrition, longevity and protect against today’s pollutants. It is also rich in iodine that may protect and support thyroid health.

This formula is generally safe for everyone except those who are pregnant, nursing or have an overactive thyroid.

90 capsules – $19.95
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Dave's Ocean Tonic Capsules

Dulse: Popular around the world as a food source that is rich in minerals. It has been used to support thyroid, respiratory, adrenal, and the digestive health.Fennel: Used in this formula to warm up the cooling energy of the ocean herbs and support healthy digestion to ease symptoms of gas. It also supports healthy muscle function.

Irish Moss: Used as a thickener for foods whose fiber is helpful for detoxification and bowel health. It is also rich in trace minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It has been used to support the immune, respiratory and digestive systems.

Kelp: An herb rich in iodine and trace minerals. It has been used to support thyroid health.

Kombu: A Japanese favorite for its flavor. Like the others, it is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. It has been used for thyroid and circulatory support. It may protect against toxins, and has been used for female support.

Wakame: Has been used in Japan for its good taste and mild flavor. It is rich in calcium, B vitamins, and many other nutrients. In folk medicine it is used for cardiovascular health, liver protection and detoxification.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.

I tried Ocean Tonic and can’t function without it. Start to drag with no motivation. I love Ocean Tonic! I feel healthy on it.
– Carrie

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