Order Products at Dave’s

Order products at Dave’s Health & Nutrition

We are looking forward to launching our online store later this year. You will be able to order Dave’s Herbal Formulas on our website.
In the meantime you can visit our Salt Lake location for Dave’s Health, and we will personally help you choose your products.

Salt Lake – 801-268-3000



Vitamins and minerals
Omega-3 oils
Protein Powders


Homeopathic Remedies

 Single Boiron remedies, 6X – 200CK
Hyland’s Cell Salts in 6X potency
Combination formulas
Children’s homeopathics
Topical creams
Topical gels

products we carry

Herbs/Bulk Herbs/Teas

Herb singles in capsule
Herb combos in capsule
Bulk herbs
Liquid tinctures
Ayurvedic herbs
Chinese herbs

essential oils

Essential Oils/Skin Oils

Therapeutic grade Purify Skin Therapy,
Pure Elements and Windrose brands
NOW aromatherapy oils
Oil Diffusers and Humidifiers
Oil blends/combinations
Oils for diluting and mixing essential oils

stones crystals

Stones and Crystals

Utah’s best selection of stones & crystals
Chakra Stones
Stone and Crystal Pendants
Cabachons ready for wrapping
Druzies and Vugs
Stone Spheres

flower essences fes

Flower Essences

Bach Rescue Remedy assortment
FES Single Flower Essences
FES Healing Herbs Bach
FES Flourish Formulas
Spirit-In-Nature Flower Essences
Siddha Cell Salts with flower essences

natural bath and body

Natural Bath and Body

Hand Soaps
Bar Soaps and Body Washes
Hand and Body Lotions
Shampoos and Conditioners
Hair Styling products
Toothpaste/Tooth brushes/Floss

natural skin and beauty

Natural Skin and Beauty

Skin Cleansers and Exfoliates
Skin Moisturizers and Masks
SPF Sunscreens
Lip balms and sticks
Natural Cosmetics
Natural Hair color



Angel/Oracle Cards
Salt Lamps



Homeopathy books
Herbal books
Nutrition books
Diet books
Mind, body, and spirit books
Meditation and Healing Audios

practical homeopathy seminar

Dave’s Books/Seminars

Dave’s Books
Dave’s Seminars
Enjoy learning from Dave’s
experience in his books
on homeopathy and cell salts
and 5 amazing seminars.