Dave’s Recovery Formula

Supports joints, bones, muscles, and connective tissues

The strategy to better recover from physical exercise, exhaustion, or other traumatic incidents is to support healthy muscle function and relieve fluid retention. Providing the right herbs, trace nutrients and minerals helps the body maintain proper joint, muscle, and bone health. Dave’s Recovery formula provides the right amount of support to assist in the recovery of soft tissues, muscles, and tendons after exercise and common everyday strains on the body by helping the body maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

90 capsules – $19.95
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dave's recovery formula

Cramp Bark: An herb with antispasmodic qualities used to support healthy muscle function, healthy digestion, and soothe uncomfortable period symptoms.

Horsetail: A diuretic herb supporting healthy urinary function (reduces fluid in tissues). It is rich in silica to support bone and connective tissue health. It helps the body maintain healthy joints, urinary tract and muscles.

Nettle Leaf: One of the richest plants in mineral content. It supports healthy liver function (blood health) and kidney function, and in reducing excess fluid.

Oat Straw: Rich in silica, calcium and other minerals supporting bone and tissue health. It is a tonic herb and very nutritional. It is calming as it supports healthy nerve function and has been used for joint and blood support.

Thyme Leaf: Supports healthy digestion which reduces mucus in the body, supporting healthy lung function.

Wild Lettuce: Supports healthy muscle function and is toning to the nerves.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.

Recovery helped me feel better – quicker after my operation.
– Dorothy

The swelling and soreness in my wrist has diminished thanks to Recovery Formula.
– D. Christensen

A few months ago I couldn’t open and close my hands without severe pain and my body in general hurt pretty bad. My daughter talked to Dave and he suggested Recovery Formula …. Within 24 hours the difference was unbelievable! I now take it daily and am virtually pain free! Thanks Dave! I wouldn’t be without it.
– Bunny

I was in a boating accident and a car accident. I have been taking Dave’s Recovery Formula for one month. I have noticed a big difference. I am healing very well from my injuries.
– Jules

Recovery calms me inside and out and feels strengthening.
– Jenny

My husband … has been getting weaker …. He began taking the Recovery … and got a bit stronger … and [can] maintain his weak strength.
– Dianne

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