Dave’s Sinus Formula

Promotes healthy sinus and upper respiratory function

Dave’s Sinus RLF formula is a synergistic herbal blends that supports healthy sinus and upper respiratory health. Perfect for sinuses that are dry, inflamed, or congested, this formula is a must-have for any sinus sufferers.

90 capsules – $19.95
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dave's sinus formula

Fenugreek: Used to reduce mucus by increasing digestive health.

White Willow: Improves digestive health and relieves pain and congestion.

Chamomile: Used to reduce mucus and inflammation by improving digestive health.

Burdock: Used to improve colon and liver health by removing toxicity.

Marshmallow: Used to reduce inflammation and dryness.

Oregon Grape Root: High in berberines that help to reduce bacterial and viral loads.

Licorice: Used to harmonize the formula and support healthy immune and adrenal function.

Trace Minerals: Used to help support immune health.

Other ingredients: Vegetable-based capsules (cellulose). No excipients or flow agents. Does not contain soy, dairy, wheat, or corn.

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