Herbal Formulas

Unique, wild-crafted herbal formulas

I created Dave’s Herbal Formulas from mostly organic and wild-crafted herbs to offer in my clinical practice. These unique combinations seem to be gentle enough for long term use and effective enough to use short term. Many of my clients have enjoyed using them and have seen increased overall well being. — Dave

Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

Adrenal Formula

Adrenal Herbal Formula

Stress symptom support
Adaptogenic herbs
Endocrine support

Digestive Formula

Digestive Herbal Formula

Digestive herbs
Normal stomach acid
Gas and bloating

Energy Formula

Energy Herbal Formula

Natural energy
Mental alertness
Adrenal support


Glucostable Herbal Formula

Blood sugar level support
Mental alertness
Adrenal support

Heart Formula

Heart Herbal Formula

Cardiovascular support
Gas and bloating

Kidney Formula

Kidney Herbal Formula

Urinary tract health
Respiratory function
Skin health

Liver Formula

Liver Herbal Formula

Liver support
Digestive support
Gas and bloating

Lower Bowel Formula

Lower Bowel System Herbal Formula

Healthy bowel function
Soothing intestinal lining
Nutrient assimilation support

Memory Formula

Memory Herbal Formula

Brain health
Nervous system support
Stress symptom support

Mood Formula

Mood Herbal Formula

Nervous system support
Stress support
Digestive support

MoonPhases Formula

MoonPhases Herbal Formula

Adrenal health
Menopause hormonal health
Hot flash support

Mother's Milk-Aid

Mother's Milk-Aid Herbal Formula

Healthy lactation
Gas and bloating
Colic symptoms

Nerve Relief Formula

Nerve Relief Herbal Formula

Nervous system support<
Nerve sensations
Peripheral circulation health

Ocean Tonic Formula

Ocean Tonic Herbal Formula

Plant source of iodine
Nutrition from sea vegetables
Mineral source

Positive Mind Formula

Positive Mind Herbal Formula

Brain support
Nervous system health
Support calmness

Recovery Formula

Recovery Herbal Formula

Joint and muscle support
Nervous system health
Supports calmness

Release Formula

Release Herbal Formula

Colon health
Sleep support

Relief Formula

Relief Herbal Formula

Joint health
Pain symptom support
Muscle health

Respiratory Formula

Respiratory Herbal Formula

Soothe mucous membranes
Upper respiratory support
Mucous expectorant

RingDizzy Formula

RingDizzy Herbal Formula

Circulation support
Ringing ears

Seasonal Defense

Seasonal Defense Herbal Formula

Cold symptom support
Immune support

Serenity NOW Formula

Serenity NOW Herbal Formula

Nervous system health
Stress symptom support

Skincare AEP Formula

SkinCare AEP Herbal Formula

Skin support
Liver health

Sleep Formula

Sleep Herbal Formula

Sleep support
Nerve and muscle support

Sleep Spray Formula

Sleep Herbal Formula Spray

Natural sleep remedy
Nerve support
Muscle support

Sneezonal Defense

Sneezonal Defense Herbal Formula

Immune support
Natural source of Vitamin C
Digestive herbs

Stable Mind Formula

Stable Mind Herbal Formula

Nerve support
Calmness for balance
Stress support

Vascular Health

Vascular Health Herbal Formula

Vascular Health

Vein Strength Formula

Vein Strength Hebal Formula

Vein support
Hemorrhoid symptoms

Virility NOW

Virility NOW Herbal Formula

Male hormone support
Confidence and motivation
Prostate support

Vocalize Formula

Vocalize Herbal Formula

Soothes and replenishes throat
Supports vocal folds
Enhances voice quality