Customer Comments

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Dave’s Adrenal Formula

I love this formula! It gives me more energy and I feel better when I take it. Thanks.

– Kathie W


Using adrenal for menopause issue really helps! Sleep and energy are great to have on hand and are easy to use.
– Laurie


I shake inside my chest and stomach. I’ve had it for almost a year now. It was non-stop anxiety. I was referred to Dave’s Adrenal Formula. In three weeks, I [feel] better. I’m so grateful. Thank you.
– Peggy

Dave’s Digestive Formula

Love how it makes my daughter’s digestive tract work properly – no side effects at all, gentle; she takes it over the usual enzymes. I can see a big difference in energy levels. Working all summer with youth, it got her through the week!

– Terri


I was taking … every day for heartburn. I switched to Dave’s Digestive and haven’t had heartburn since. First time in 20 years! Thank you!
– Lisa

Dave’s Energy Formula

Energy Formula helped me reduce and finally eliminate Diet Coke without headaches or other withdrawal symptoms.

– Marcia T


I have been very pleased with Dave’s Energy. I watch eight kids and it has seemed to help with my energy during the day.

– Leslie P


I have been using Energy formula for a month…I have noticed significant changes (positive) in my energy levels. Thanks.
– Svitlana


I am a counselor and have 14-hour days. I take my Energy about 11am and 4 pm and it creates energy to keep me present and clear for the client. Never makes me agitated.
– Lee O

Dave’s Glucostable Formula

“I feel improved if I take 3 a day. Great taste. No longer diaphoretic sweats. Great!”
– Barbara


I have used Glucostable for 7 1/2 months now. My glucose readings went down …. I test every morning.
– Davis

Dave’s Heart Formula

I have really appreciated taking these capsules every day! My blood pressure and cholesterol has consistently stayed lower. The licorice flavor is pleasant as well as beneficial.

– Robert O


My heart beats fast and irregularly at various times. I have been taking Dave’s Heart formula for a few months now. The frequency and severity of my condition has lessened. I will continue to take it.

– Darlene G


I think I feel generally better when I take both Heart and Recovery. Thanks.
– Dianne


My sister Debbie had me take Dave’s Heart Formula with Vascular Health …. I am back to normal now. Thank you.
– Todd

Dave’s Joint Formula

I love Dave’s Joint! I took it for three weeks and all of a sudden it kicked in! Thank you so much!
– Marcia

Dave’s Kidney Formula

I was suffering … every couple months [with] vomiting, pain, etc. I came in and had an appointment with Dave and he recommended the Kidney Formula and a homeopathic formula. I haven’t had a recurrence and I feel a lot better!
– Kim


I started taking Dave’s Kidney formula and my kidney function …[improved]. So grateful for this wonderful formula.
– Karen

Dave’s Liver Formula

After use of this aid for a very few weeks I feel so much better as my food passes through—where I used to feel such a slow-down sluggish feeling. Also my dark liver spots on my hand and cheeks have lightened significantly.

– Bonnie B


After the third day I awoke happy and found I had no “anger issues” that whole day. Now when I get unreasonably angry I take it as a sign that my liver needs support and I double up on Dave’s Liver Formula. It’s a charmer!

– Mandie K

Dave’s Lower Bowel Formula

It helped me within 1 week of using it. I can function now. Thanks Dave.

– Jamie


I’ve been so happy. Your Lower Bowel as well as your liquid iron relieved my trouble. Thank you.

– Kristie


Dave’s Lower Bowel System is the best stuff …. I’m a happy woman. Thanks.
– Tammie

Dave’s Memory Formula

I have had several small strokes. For months I couldn’t finish sentences. I have been on Dave’s memory for at least a year now I am doing very well.

– Audrey

Dave’s Mood Formula

Dave’s Mood Formula is Wonderful – Helps keep me emotionally balanced and sleep much better! Thanks!
– Pam


I find myself much more calm when taking this. I feel much more in control of my emotions, not such big swings. With 4 children who are young it has made a big difference! Thanks!

– Amy


I’ve loved this because it not only helps me, it also helps alleviate my allergies …. Yeah!

Dave’s Moon Phases Formula

I was suffering from hot flashes …. When I started taking Moon Phases, it started to decrease. Just bought more. I’m much happier now.
– Gail


It has helped me a lot. Thank You!

– Karen


I’m on the sixth bottle of Dave’s Moon Phases. Have more energy. Hot flashes were horrible, now much improved, and can sleep better at night. Sweating at night is really bad, but night sweats are 80% better with this formula. Now recommending it to my friends.

– Olga


At first I was sluggish, tired, had a low sex drive. After taking Moon Phases it seems I am back to normal. More energy! Love it!
– C. Marie


Before Moon Phases, the hot flashes were driving me crazy and after 2 days of Moon Phases, they stopped totally. When I ran out, the hot flashes started again after one day. Ran to Dave’s to get more. A true life saver!
– Barbara


I love Moon Phases! I have been in perimenopause for about a year now and am going crazy. Now the night sweats, sleeplessness, moodiness, and that shaky anxious feeling is gone!
– Sandy


I’ve been taking Moon Phases for years and it helped with night sweats and my mood.
– Maureen


It has helped me a lot. Thank you!
– Karen


I was having hot flashes so frequently that I was going nuts! I started taking Moon Phases and in four days the hot flashes stopped. They have never returned. Love this product!
– Shauna


I have been taking Dave’s Moon Phases for over six months now. It has reduced all of my menopausal symptoms drastically. I can tell a huge difference when I run out.
– Brenda


I used Dave’s Moon Phases for four months for my night sweats and hot flashes. It cooled me right down. I am not having any more night sweats or hot flashes. Thank you.
– Wilma

Dave’s Mother’s Milk-Aid Formula

Shortly after my baby was born I learned that he could not nurse. Since then I have been pumping breast milk. Keeping my milk supply strong has been challenging. After some frustrating weeks I tried the Mother’s Milk-Aid and the next pumping was much more successful. Now I use Mother’s Milk-aid to help me make the my baby’s favorite meal.

– Merilee D

Dave’s Nerve Relief Formula

Nerve Relief Formula has been a great help …. Thanks Dave!
– Donna C


This formula is outstanding on many levels …. It also superbly gave me a restful night of sleep. It is a stellar formula!
– Lynda E


Don’t know what I’d do without it. With taking Nerve Relief with Recovery and Relief my back pain is so much better.
– Anna


Two weeks ago I found Nerve Relief and my [foot] pain has all but disappeared. I just walked eight hours at Disneyland with my grandkids with no pain! I can feel my feet again!
– Mern

Dave’s Ocean Tonic Formula

I tried Ocean Tonic and can’t function without it. Start to drag with no motivation. I love Ocean Tonic! I feel healthy on it.
– Carrie

Dave’s Positive Mind Formula

[My son has a] more positive mental outlook on life. My moods are more balanced. I am able to concentrate and think more clearly. I don’t experience anxiety as often. Improved quality of all our lives! Thanks!
– Anonymous


We love how this has helped our boys. Really improved grades, attitude, behavior and mood. Thanks for all you are doing, learning and teaching us. Thanks.
– Noni


I started taking Dave’s Positive Mind three months ago. Since then, I’ve noticed that my day is more peaceful. I have better success in fulfilling my daily errands. At first I was skeptical with regards to natural remedies, but am now a true believer.
– Robert


I take it because I feel more at ease with day-to-day stress.
– Carol


This stuff works – my 9-year-old son was having difficulty focusing in school. He was struggling with reading and spelling. With his frustration over the struggling he would become angry. We started Positive Mind and all things improved. He is doing better in school as he can focus and remain focused. He then understands reading and tries rather than gets frustrated. At home mood has also improved, not so angry or quick to be angry. We all love Positive Mind. Thank you Dave.
– Sherrie


Positive Mind…helps my mood swings.
– Paul

Dave’s Recovery Formula

Recovery helped me feel better – quicker after my operation.
– Dorothy


The swelling and soreness in my wrist has diminished thanks to Recovery Formula.
– D. Christensen


A few months ago I couldn’t open and close my hands without severe pain and my body in general hurt pretty bad. My daughter talked to Dave and he suggested Recovery Formula …. Within 24 hours the difference was unbelievable! I now take it daily and am virtually pain free! Thanks Dave! I wouldn’t be without it.
– Bunny


I was in a boating accident and a car accident. I have been taking Dave’s Recovery Formula for one month. I have noticed a big difference. I am healing very well from my injuries.
– Jules


Recovery calms me inside and out and feels strengthening.
– Jenny


My husband … has been getting weaker …. He began taking the Recovery … and got a bit stronger … and [can] maintain his weak strength.
– Dianne

Dave’s Release Formula

For years I have used Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel formula for bowel issues. Becky recommend Dave’s Release. I have found it works just as good, but I like the valerian herb …. That is a plus.
– Kris


Release is fantastic! It helped me get regularly for the first time since I can remember. I so appreciate this natural remedy to my totally unnatural state. Thanks.
– Diane

Dave’s Relief Formula

My family uses Relief instead of ibuprofen for headaches or body aches and arthritis pain. It is amazing. We start with one or two but if the pain isn’t gone in 30 minutes we take one or two more and boy does it work!
– Cindy W


My husband fell and crushed his heel. He has a plate and thirteen screws. Relief really helps the pain.
– Janice V


I take Dave’s Relief for intense neck pain that will incapacitate me for days. Relief will completely stop this pain and allow me to function normally again. Thanks Dave!
– Willard P


My knee locked up and popped. I couldn’t walk for two months. Now my knee locks up but I ease it out and it’s OK and hasn’t gotten worse.
– Jay O

Dave’s Respiratory Formula

I have been using Respiratory for one month …. I am breathing better than I have my whole life. It is amazing.
– Wendy


Respiratory Formula has been very helpful for congestion especially during allergy season.

– Lanny


I took this formula … and I feel like it helped to support my lungs. I have asthma and while taking this I didn’t need all of my … inhalers as often.
– Robyn


I had both my sons get pneumonia last winter. My doctor was surprised at their quickened recovery time. I have them continue to take it for prevention.
– Heather


I was a health professional for many years, and retired when I became sick with pneumonia and asthma …. I came into your store and talked to Dave. He said, “I can help you but it may take a while.” He sold me a homeopathic [remedy] and his Respiratory Formula …. Now three weeks later, I feel like my old self, even though I’m in my mid seventies. I am very grateful for what Dave has done for me.
– Anonymous

Dave’s Ringdizzy Formula

Ringdizzy is truly a God send …. My cane or walker had been my constant companion. Five minutes after taking a dose of RingDizzy, my dizziness disappeared as had my cane and walker. Hard to believe? Yup, but it’s true.
– Roger

Dave’s Seasonal Defense Formula

I am very excited about the fact I have had more resistance since I started this formula! I know it is helping me to stay well during this cold and wintry time.

– Julie P


Our family has had our healthiest year ever [since] taking Seasonal Defense

– Curt N


Helps my daughter’s allergies. She tried all the prescription ones and this one works the best.

– Richaile P


This products is a must have for cold and flu season. Our family has maintained excellent health while taking this product. I highly recommend it.

– K Mysal


I was really sick and came in and bought the Seasonal Defense Formula. It really worked! Great stuff.
– M Lesley

Dave’s Serenity NOW Formula

I absolutely love Serenity Now! I interact with lots of folks on the phone. With Serenity NOW I am calm. I feel the difference.
– Pam


Serenity is very calming …. Very centering. Thank you!
– Jenny

Dave’s Sleep Formula

I have had trouble sleeping for many years. Sleep has been a real help to me. Thanks Dave.

– Elaine


I … sometimes have trouble staying asleep. This helped me so I wasn’t waking up 2 to 3 times a night. I also didn’t wake up as tired as with prescription sleep meds.
– Richaile


I so appreciate Dave’s Sleep Formula. I have not slept this well for years. I don’t feel groggy when I wake up.

– Miriam

Dave’s Sneezonal Defense Formula

I have been using this for the past two years! It is the only thing that keeps me well. Thanks for such an amazing product!
– Toni

Dave’s Stable Mind Formula

Works great! I feel much more happy! Can’t live without it.
– Eileen

Dave’s Virility Formula

I feel great! Went through one bottle and, without changing my diet or exercise routine, I lost 10 pounds. My wife wants to know if she can take it!
– John

Dave’s Vocalize Formula

… this product is working well for me. It keeps my voice strong throughout the day and seems to work better than … lozenges ….
– Bob