Dave’s Herbal Formulas

Dave's Seasonal DefenseI created Dave’s Herbal Formulas from mostly organic and wild-crafted herbs to offer in my clinical practice. They contain the highest quality herbs and NO FILLERS. These unique combinations seem to be gentle enough for long term use and effective enough to use short term. Many of my clients have enjoyed using them and have seen increased overall well being. — Dave

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Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

Adrenal Formula

Adrenal and stress support,
adaptogenic herbs

Digestive Formula

Daves Digestive Formula Capsules

Healthy digestion support,
stomach acid balance

Energy Formula

Dave's Energy Formula

Energy and mental alertness,
healthy adrenal support


Dave's Glucostable Capsules

Aids healthy blood sugar levels,
includes cinnamon

Healthy Cycles

Dave's Healthy Cycles Capsules

Hormonal balance support
for pre-menopausal women


Dave's Heart Formula Capsules

Cardiovascular support,
antioxidant-rich herbs

Joint RLF

Dave's Joint RLF Tincture

Relief from discomfort,
aches in joints


Dave's Kidney Formula Capsules

Support for healthy
kidney function

L-Arginine Ultra

Dave's L-Arginine Ultra Powder

Cardiovascular support,
nitric oxide production


Dave's Liver Formula Capsules

Liver support,
digestive herbs

Lower Bowel

Dave's Lower Bowel System Formula Capsules

Intestinal support,
healthy bowel function


Dave's Memory Formula Capsules

Supports blood/oxygen to the brain,
nourishing the nervous system


Dave's Mood Formula Capsules

Support for stress, anxiousness,
and nervousness


Dave's Moon Phases Formula Tincture

Hormone support in peri-menopausal
through post-menopause women


Dave's Moon Phases Formula Capsules

Hormone support in peri-menopausal
through post-menopause women

Nerve Relief

Dave's Nerve Relief Formula Tincture

Support healthy nerves,
with Poppy seed

Nerve Relief

Dave's Nerve Relief Formula Capsules

Support for the nervous system,
with Lavender

Ocean Tonic

Dave's Ocean Tonic Capsules

Support for thyroid, natural iodine,
multi-minerals from sea vegetables

Positive Mind

Dave's Positive Mind Tincture

Supports brain and positive mood,
nervous system support


Dave's Recovery Formula Capsules

Supports joints, bones,
muscles and connective tissues


Dave's Relief Formula Tincture

Joint and tissue discomfort,
herbs for energy flow


Dave's Respitory Formula Capsules

Respiratory herbal support,
lung and bronchial


Dave's RingDizzy Formula Liquid

Supports inner ear health,
blood flow herbs

Seasonal Defense

Dave's Seasonal Defense Capsules

Immune support,
cold and flu season

Serenity NOW

Dave's Serenity Now Liquid

Calm the stress,
support the nervous system

Sinus RLF

Dave's Sinus RLF Capsules

Sinus support herbs,
upper respiratory function

Skin Care AEP

Dave's SkinCare AEP Formula Liquid

Supports skin health,
liver and kidney herbs


Dave's Sleep Formula Capsules

Sleep herbs and minerals,
muscle, nerve, cardiovascular


Dave's Sleep Formula Spray

Sleep aid herbal,
nerves, adrenal, digestive

Sneezonal Defense

Dave's Sneezonal Defense Capsules

Healthy anti-histamine
response to allergens

Stable Mind

Dave's Stable Mind Formula

Supports life’s ups and downs,
stable and balanced mind and mood

Vascular Health

Dave's Vascular Health Tincture

Support for vascular health,
with Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Cayenne

Vein Strength

Dave's Vein Strength Tincture

Support for healthy veins,
Ginkgo, Butcher’s Broom

Virility NOW

Dave's Virility Now Capsules

Men’s reproductive support,
and feelings of vitality


Dave's Vocalize Spray

Herbal support for the throat,
soothing, clearing