Seven Symbols of Healing

Seven Symbols of Healing Body Mind and Spirit by David R. Card

Gleaning ancient wisdom and philosophy from both Eastern and Western cultures, you will learn processes needed for optimum health, and how the healing process works.

If you are a practitioner, this system can help you quickly bridge the gap, and integrate good care from both sides of the health care equation. It offers you insights to health questions quickly and accurately. Those you help will benefit by gaining better health more rapidly, and they will report a greater satisfaction in their treatment.


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North Salt Lake, UT

Book Reviews

This is one of the many tools I have used for the mental, emotional, and physical health of my family. I am better able to parent in the most effective way for each child having better understanding of their constitutions. This is a great resource that I will continually reference as my family grows and changes.”
– Suzanne Woodruff, Wife and busy mother of four

“I have been fascinated by Dave’s book and honor him for his knowledge in complementary medicine. I have referred to his book often and have been very impressed with the effectiveness and relationship to the work that I do as a Health Practitioner and Color Therapist. I feel that his work is ingenious and appreciate his willingness to share.”
– Rhonda Phillips, HHP, LMT, Color Therapist

“This system allows me to quickly and simply determine the pattern of imbalance presenting in my clients, subsequently assisting in finding the most appropriate supplements needed to help balance his/her energies. It simplifies my technique in locating the subtle meta-physical patterns, and in so doing, helps me to perform deeper more thorough kinesiology balances. This system uses a Western view of the chakras, and opens up a whole new level of understanding of the energy bodies.”
– Christopher Noel, LMT, En.K, Kinergetitics Instructor

How to Use the Seven Symbols

First, read about health and healing, the wisdom of the ancients and symbols contained in this book, and, ponder on your own life and health. Taking care of you is not a crime. It is a gift to those around you. In doing this, you will be happier and healthier, and have the energy you need to help others, i.e. your spouse, children, family, church, work, etc.

Next, learn about constitutions, our unique packages of characteristics, and discover who you are by finding the day on which you were born, and recognizing the universal symbols and archetypes. These seven symbols, which have been gleaned from ancient writings, as well as modern understanding, are separated into 7 planets (each with its own chapter).

Read and ponder the introductions at the beginning of each chapter, and the characteristics of the individual planets will become apparent. You will learn to recognize the connection between the planets and their correlation to energies and conditions in the human body. As you look deeper, you will find corresponding emotions, organs, and body areas that are influenced by each planet’s energy. This information is both fascinating and compelling, and the more you review each chapter, the more the information will become a part of your subconscious, allowing you to test with greater accuracy.

Finally, learn about energy testing, and how our bodies have many answers that are waiting for the right questions to be asked. Use the Quick Reference chapter to make things fast and easy. If you are looking for a specific problem, use the index.