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Contact us today by phone at Dave’s Health & Nutrition with your questions about items in stock, to order products over the phone. You may make an appointment with Dave, speak with Dave on his free phone time, or speak with a manager or leader. Sign up for our e-newsletter, or sell your products in our store. We are here to help you with these things as well as answer your questions about the products in our store.

CALL 801-268-3000 (Salt Lake Location)

contact us with questions

Contact us with Questions

We will answer your questions when you contact us today. Call us at our Salt Lake location.

  • Do you have an item in stock?
  • I’m looking for a specific item or brand, do you carry it?
  • Can you special order items that you don’t normally carry?
  • Are you able to ship products from your store directly to me?
  • When can I make an appointment with Dave?
  • May I ask a question on Dave’s free phone time?
  • May I speak with a leader or manager?
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Contact us to Speak with Dave

Speak with Dave on his free phone time to ask a question about supplements. Call during his free phone time Monday through Thursday from 12:00 noon -12:45 pm Mountain Time.

contact us to sell your products

Contact us to Sell Your Products

If you want us to sell your product in our stores, we would request following:

  • Samples: please send samples to our store c/o Manager at 880 E 3900 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107, or bring samples into our store.
  • Price Lists: include price lists with retail and wholesale pricing
  • Please have information about distributors and shipping costs, minimum orders, and minimum dollars for free shipping
  • Follow up in a few weeks and make an appointment with our leadership team

We care about our customers and the quality of the products we sell. Ingredients are scrutinized to ensure pure content and clean source. Relevance to our customers is a large factor in bringing in new items. Our best efforts are made to bring the best quality as well as value to our customers.

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 Contact us on Social Media

You can contact us today on social media through Facebook/DavesHealth or Instagram/DavesHealthUtah.