SALT LAKE: Thurs, Sep 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29, 6:30-7:30 pm
WEST JORDAN: Weds, Aug 31, 6:30-7:30 pm
COST: $10 per class

Are you, or do you know someone who is tired of fad diets, tired of just not feeling well? Wouldn’t it be fun to start enjoying life again? It’s all very possible and much easier than you think! With Carbwatchers you’ll get the tools you need to track meals and physical activity as well as create your personalized lifestyle and healthy natural living plan. Reserve your spot by calling 385-202-1379.

Troubled Sleeping Solutions

SALT LAKE: Tues, Aug 30, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Dr. Hansen, Structural Chiropractor
COST: Free

Do you or someone love have trouble sleeping? Join Dr. Hansen as he discusses the causes and solutions for insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea. You will walk away with an understanding or why your body is keeping you or the one your love from sleep, and steps to take to correct it.

The Neuropsychology of Anxiety

SALT LAKE: Sat, Sept 3, 10 am – 1 pm
COST: $25 online registration, $30 at door

Learn How A New Cutting-Edge, Brain-Savvy Technology Can Heal Anxiety completely. We will cover such topics as the psychological causes and biological consequences of anxiety and it’s damaging effects on the brain and body, the differences between a normal brain and an anxious brain and differences between Fear, Stress and Anxiety. Register online at before the class for $25, $30 at the door.

Spicy Herb Taste Classifcation

SALT LAKE: Tues, Sep 6, 6:30-7:30 pm
WEST JORDAN: Thurs, Sep 8, 6:30-7:30 pm
COST: Free

Discover what spicy tastes do for your health and how you can use spicy herbs and food to improve your overall health. Taught by Master Herbalist, Certified Homeopath, and Certified Nutritionist Dave Card.

Your Amazing Skin

SALT LAKE: Tues, Sep 13, 6-7:30 pm
WEST JORDAN: Tues, Sep 6, 6:-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Holly Draper, Purify Skin Therapy
COST: Free

Learn how your skin works and how to use essential oils to help your skin with all kinds of issues. Taught by a Certified Aromatherapist.

The Windows to the Soul

SALT LAKE: Weds, Sep 14, 6-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Monica Peterson, Dip. Ir., MH, LMT
COST: $5

Come and learn about the exciting science of iridology. The eyes are a read-out of the brain and show both genetic health tendencies and the effects of lifestyle choices on the health of your body tissues. Call or text to reserve notes for the class (an extra $2): 801-243-5606.

Pathways Connect Group

SALT LAKE: Tues, Sep 13, 10:30-11:30 am
FACILITATOR: Marci Hansen. Sponsored by Dynamic Chiropractic
COST: Free

Pathways Connect is a group that provides support, resources, and tools for a family wellness lifestyle. This group is focused on Mothers and Parenting, but all are welcome to attend. We use the Pathways magazine (provided by Dynamic Chiropractic) and discuss two the three articles per month. Dr Hansen will be available to answer questions. Children welcome. Email Marci at for additional information or to request a copy of the magazine prior to the class.

Intro to Structural Chiropractic

SALT LAKE: Tues, Sep 20, 6:30-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Dr. Daniel Hansen
COST: Free

Do you suffer from migraine headaches, tendinitis, sciatica, or have a “granny’s hump?” Dynamic Chiropractic can help. Find out how in this class. Dynamic Chiropractic specializes in Structural Correction. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to your health problems that are related to structural abnormalities in the spine and nervous system. Structural Chiropractic focuses exclusively on the correction of the underlying cause – known as Structural Shifts. When your spinal structure is restricted and shifted outside of its normal range it can no longer function in its full capacity to protect the central nervous system. Structural Shifts exert extra stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and discs in that area. This will in turn affect the spinal nerves causing a myriad of Secondary Conditions.

How to Love Your Money Like You Love Your Best Friend

SALT LAKE: Weds, Sep 21, 6-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Beth Ann McMerrick, Divine Money Mastery
COST: $15, Pre-register by calling 801-514-0603

Have you noticed what happens when you get an unexpected bit of extra money? Something usually seems to blow up or break down! Every time you are back to square one despite that extra cash! Why does this happen? Money has been one of the most painful issues. Many of us find ourselves living from paycheck to paycheck, feeling guilty about what we can’t do. We don’t know how to change the direction of our Financial Destiny. At this workshop you will learn the top 5 ways to change your relationship with money and increase your financial frequency. This new financial vibration will assist you to make, keep, and attract more money in your life.

Three Steps to Less Stress and More Success

SALT LAKE: Tues, Sep 27, 6:30-8 pm
PRESENTER: Marci Hansen, Certified Life Coach
COST: $10

What you think about you bring about. That is something that is easy to say but much harder to understand and change. How much of an impact are your thoughts really having on your life? Are some of the things you struggle with the most a matter of how you’re thinking? Come find out how what you are thinking about is influencing what you bring about and three steps to changing the pattern.

Head to Toe Spinal Show

SALT LAKE: Weds, Sep 28, 6:30-7:30 pm
PRESENTER: Dr Hansen, Structural Chiropractor
COST: Free

This class is designed to cover basic information about protecting your spine & central nervous system, and the secondary conditions that can occur if you don’t protect them. We will also discuss complimentary solutions for optimal health. Dr. Hansen will be available after class to answer your health questions.

Energy Work Series: Energy Anatomy

WEST JORDAN: Sat, Oct 1, 11 am – 2 pm
PRESENTER: Monica Peterson, Dip. Ir., MH, LMT
COST: $25 for one class, $60 for all three

This is a training course series in working with the human energy field. We will start by learning the details of our energy anatomy, including chakras, auric bodies, and meridians. We will discuss what they are, how they work, and how to sense and work with these energy systems.
Call or text to reserve your spot: 801-243-5606. Other classes in this series include Energy Psychology on Nov 5 and Energy Clearing & Balancing on Dec 3.